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1946 Triumph Roadster Wings


Sand blasting is first undertaken to determine extent of new metal required to be let in, and to clean and test the rust pitting for pin holes etc.

These pictures show the wings before starting work, indicating the state of the rusting and roughly the areas needing replacement. Sand blasting has started.

1946 Triumph Roadster Wings


After some deliberation it was decided to replace the whole of this side of the apron. It was heavily pitted on the underside and there were several holes come through, apart from the front face, obvious here, where the chassis mounting points have disintegrated.

New apron being made up and trialed for fit.

Area to be replaced on lower front edge.

And here is the replacement piece, made and ready to be cut in.

Extent requiring replacement to rear of arch on near side wing. These go due to them being double skinned with a splash guard bracket, as will be seen below.

New piece for rear of arch, plus the inner bracket being lined up for plug welding into position.

Repair section tacked into place.

New section from behind, showing flush tacking, before seaming up.

This is the repair piece needed for the offside. Made and ready to cut into position.

Here, after seam welding into position, the splash guard bracket is seen also after welding into place.

Similar front lower edge repair on the other side too. Old and new here together before fitting. Remaining pitting on adjacent "saved" original metal, is cleaned out with the sand blaster, and considered suitable ford refinishing. It is not pin holed, unlike the section which is being replaced, although this is not evident from the picture below.

Front edge repair after welding in and flush grinding.

And from the rear.

Addition of wing mounting tabs.

All refabrication done. Trial fitting wings together. Next stage is to trial fit to the car, before cleaning off and lead loading the welded joints etc.