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New Finishing process launched

Posted by Bodyworks Robin Gell on July 24, 2017 at 8:05 AM

Becoming standard practice now is to first coat vehicles

in a marine grade polyurethane aluminium loaded epoxy

paint.  This is the ultimate in painted  corrosion and

moisture ingress protection.  It is very hard and difficult

to sand, so is overcoated with further coats of alternative

marine epoxies for surface finishing.  This can be

overcoated again with automotive 2k filler primers in

different colours so as to provide visual sanding aids for

surface perfection, or alternatively just used as a main

primer.  Top coats are also now available in marine

grade polyurethane epoxy and the finish is similar to that

of cellulose.

This is ideal for those users who wish to use their cars

all year, or do not have ideal storage conditions over


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