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Phase two at last, with Lotus

Posted by Bodyworks Robin Gell on June 19, 2011 at 5:39 PM

Yes, at long last, with major structural welding substantially complete, it was decided that most of the rest would be better undertaken on the spit.

This means the outer / inner arch bottom joints, some floor and inner arch repair finishing which would otherwise have had to have been done upside down, and some other sundry repairs and finishing underneath, meaning quality seam welding the right way round with the car upside down!  We can't reverse gravity unfortunately, but turning the car upside down is a good alternative!  We will also be able to lead load everything necessary at good angles.

Being on the spit also means that phase two can start at the same time, and that means stripping and cleaning the bottom of old underseal, (mostly complete as this is written), inspection and treatment of any rust patches found, (plenty, but none serious), and then re-sealing with a new and better bodyshell coloured coating to replace the underseal.  This done, we will be able to progress into prepping the lower sides, and work our way up.  Currently I envisage the car to be on the spit until substantially resprayed.  Good stuff.

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