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Volvo Amazon, rear arch, wings, cills, boot floor and valance. Refabrication and refinish.

A rolling restoration, this one. My customer had had the front end of the car rebuild some years ago, but the rear end was in dire need of reconstruction. The rear wing lower flanges had rusted out where they connect to the boot floor, and the boot floor itself was like lace curtains held together with underseal. The first job was to replace these items, and refinish, however refinishing could not take place as the offside arch was then found to be almost non existant too. Furthermore, after remaking and fitting this arch, the rear half of both cills were found in such a condiion that refinishing the lower wings would have meant that this job would not have lasted very much longer before the cills needed doing. Therefore these cill and wing sections were also made new and fitted, before the whole rear end was refinished and sprayed.

On arrival, tail fin had been hastily filled in the past.

Investigation led to this.

And this on the other side.

Cutting all the rotten bits out doesn't leave much left!

Time to get fabricating. New floor section, wing flange and fin bottom piece.

The lower side valance sections were bought in by the customer. The flanges were made here. There is a lot of subtle curvature in those wing flanges.

Lining up the off side one for size and fit.

Determining the fit between wing flange, lower wheel arch repair section, and the outer wheel arch.

Tacking into position in progress.

Offside tail fin and valance repair section.

Arch fabrication. One new inner arch flange made up and one strip cut ready to make the outer arch flange.

Here we see the new inner arch flange together with the old inner flange and old outer flange.

Inner arch seam welded in place and new outer flange ready to line up into position.

Drilled holes for plug welding the flanges together.

Clamping for welding. Outer arch to inner arch.

Offside seam welded butt joints and flush ground.

All butt seam welded into position.

Prepping the cill revealed this on the nearside. The off side was similar! we sliced the bottom of the wing off to reveal the cill inside, or what was left of it!

Having removed the front and lower section of the cill, spot grit blasting is taking place to determine how much of the rear section can be reused.

Most of it was taken out, as below!

Old bits posing with the new fabrications for the cill. Original jacking point fixed to new section. Note "as original, reinforcing pieces.

In the process of fitting the new inner wall.

Lining up the outer section ready for seam welding.

Taking off the driver's side cill cover.

Extent of cutting away and grit blasting of cill before repair.

New driver's side cill repair section.

In house fabricated wing repair section over cill. Off side.

After much prepping, it is at last in guide coated primer. Six rollered coats of two pack high build primer to level out, plus use of stopper as required, followed by six coats of sprayed cellulose primer. This is now being sprayed black.

And finally back into white.

Inside the boot, the rear inner valance has been replaced, together with a new lower flange, and all sprayed in two pack primer followed with cellulose primer and top coats.

My solution to mounting the side trims, keeping the holes watertight and protected. Use a standard modern trim fixing plug, spaced out with a neoprene washer as found on roofing screws. Mastic applied around the fixing hole, and a nut screwed onto the rear when in situ.

... like this.

Upper trims below rear windows. Original style clips used, with everything soaked in Dinitrol wax on assembly.

One final repair. To the front of the inner arch to chassis flange, just behind the rear seat back. New flange being offered up, below.

The above flange has been seamed into place and now the frontal repair has been added to finish the job.

Spraying in cold galv paint before waxing and sealing with Dinitrol products.

Final reassembly shows a pretty presentable rear quarter. Future episodes will be doors refabrication and a boot lid rebuild, together with refinishing the roof.

More to follow soon.